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René Koerhuis


Publisher NWST NeWSTories launched a completely new magazine today. NWST already publishes various magazines for the green sector such as Fieldmanager and Greenkeeper, and as of today added its new title Stad & Groen (City & Green). I was asked to write a 4 page contribution about brine sprayers for this first issue. Below you can find the first and last page of my article. Q-rious whishes Hein and his crew every success with the realisation of this new venture!

Stad&Groen_09-2013_4 Stad&Groen_09-2013_1

René Koerhuis


IMG_4062This week I was lucky to spend my time on various projects. Most of my time was consumed by the ‘potato pool pricing’ project for Dutch magazine Boerderij. The meetings with potato trading companies proved to be very interesting and educational. A new customer asked me to do a test with brine sprayers for one of its magazines. Considering the warm weather and ultra-high temperatures (up to 37 degrees Celsius!), testing brine sprayers for de-icing roads was rather funny and peculiar! The article can be seen here (in Dutch only)