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René Koerhuis


Agco recently announced its new technology strategy Fuse Technologies. This platform is aimed at offering ‘leading-edge precision ag solutions’, says Agco. Interesting and about time as the various Agco brands all have their dedicated solutions for precision farming. AgCommand telematics for MF & Challenger vs. Variodoc telematics for Fendt and MF Auto-Guide vs Fendt Vario Guide steering systems. Besides Agco joined forces with precision ag specialist TopCon.

Fuse Technologies successor Fieldstar?

Fieldstar monitor

MF Fieldstar terminal

What amazes me is that Agco is not marketing and communicating its Fieldstar precision farming system anymore. Mid nineties of last century, Fieldstar was the pionering system in precision farming. The system was developed by the Danish combine harvester manufacturer Dronningborg. Partly owned by Agco at that time, it also manufactered the MF combines. In from 1997, Agco bought all shares. Fieldstar was a yield mapping system that registrated cereal yield per square meter using GPS. As precision farming is not only about yield mapping, but also about applying inputs at the right spot, they created the precision farming circle or cyclus. I couldn’t find it online, so I scanned it from my internship report of September 1998. With Fuse Technologies, Agco seems to initiate a renewed path of own precision farming developments. I’m very Q-rious what the strategy will bring! Will they pioneer again with revolutionary innovations? The near future will tell!

René Koerhuis


Intelligent fertilisation‘, is the title of my newest article in TREKKER Magazine. It’s a story about the working principle of the new Spreader Competence Test Centre of Kverneland Group for its Vicon and Kverneland disc spreaders.