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René Koerhuis


While the first event specifically focused on UAVs or drones for agriculture has already taken place in the USA, the number of drones on display at Holland’s largest agricultural event AgroTechniek Holland (ATH) will be limited. 

UX5 droneOf course there are many enthusiastic (arable) farmers who are already scanning fields with their own drone, but in contrast to countries like Germany and France, the offering of drones and drone services for agriculture in the Netherlands still is limited. There are nevertheless several companies that are active in this area, some for over 20 years, but they are hesitant regarding entering the Dutch agricultural market. Firstly, because of the small scale in comparison with other countries and because transcending project and funding stages commercially not always pay off. Another aspect that continuously keeps coming back is the gap, or rather pitfall between the collection of data, its interpretation and translation into concrete measures.