IMG_0320Every person or group communicates consciously and subconsciously. Verbal, nonverbal, and nowadays increasingly using the Internet and social media. With photos and movies messages can be made more attractive, but the majority of your communication remains ‘one way traffic’. It is crucial that your message is correct and that it appeals your customers. The right content, structure, tone of voice, the right vocabulary and of course good looks make your message unique.


But how do you make your message resonate with your (potential) customers? What message and communication tools suit the target audiences? If you lack this knowledge and expertise, Q-rious Marketing & Communication will be glad to help you. Did you know that people greatly appreciate it if you provide them with free tips for their problem (needs) and share your knowledge and experience with them? This is part of the Law of Reciprocity. Subconsciously they started a relationship with you and your company and chances are that you already have an advantage over your competitors. Whether you work in a Business to Business or Business to Consumer market, or perhaps both, Q-rious can assist you in developing the right communication tools with a professional content and appearance. This includes:

  1. Online communication
  2. Cross-media communication
  3. Brochures and magazines
  4. Press releases
  5. Testimonials
  6. Social media strategy and management
  7. Online editorial work / copywriting

Does this sound interesting to you? Please feel free to contact me for an informal chat.