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René Koerhuis


This month two of my articles made it to the covers of magazines. Part 1 of my RTK-GPS autosteer articles features on the cover of De Loonwerker.be and my translated article of the new Sulky Econov features on the cover of Belgian/French Entreprise Agricole.


René Koerhuis


Apps for farmer 

Smartphones and tablets are increasingly popular with farmers and contractors. In the April issue of ´De Loonwerker´, you can read about interesting apps specially intended for the agri-business.


René Koerhuis


Sometimes hobby and business interfere unexpectedly. Volkswagen used to collaborate with many different other manufacturers. The beetle chassis for instance, was supplied to numerous coach builders including Beutler, Rometsch and Karmann. For industrial use, VW offered its aircooled boxer engine in a stationary version. This stationairy engine distinguishes itself with a different distributor and different flywheel.

Unknown to me was the history of the Claas Huckepack carrier whose first prototype featured a chassis of the Volkswagen Transporter. It also had a threshing unit that was propelled by a 34 bhp VW stationairy engine! The article below is taken from the Belgian magazine ´De Loonwerker´.

Claas Huckepack - VW_1 Claas Huckepack - VW_2