As of 2016 Q-rious Marketing & Communication (René Koerhuis) has become Editor in Chief of MechaBulletin as per request of the new owner, branch organisation Fedecom. René already used to work as a co-editor for MechaBulletin over the past two and a half years together with the previous owner and Editor in Chief Herman van der Fange.

MechaBulletin is a periodical digital (agri) business intelligence magazine of branch organisation Fedecom and contains recent, brief and general information about (multi-) national companies, shareholders, strategies, distribution channels, brands, markets and financial results. In addition, it signals trends and developments in various markets and makes mention of management appointments at companies. All information is gathered, selected, translated and summarised from reliable sources. MechaBulletin publishes market and business information about international agricultural mechanisation and related sectors 10 times per year in English and in Dutch.